The Team 

Richard Barnfield

Richard, the founder and owner of Aqua Empire started fish keeping at the age of 12. The love for his hobbie landed him his first job in the industry at age 15.  His love and passion for fish keeping continued to grow until he ultimately opened his own store in Clearwater Mall in 2007.  In 2013, Richard expanded and opened his second store in Cresta Shopping Centre. The publics' interest 

in specialist aquarist products and fish at the two stores prompted him to open Aqua Empire, creating a niche in the field. Aqua empire aspires to source exotic,  healthy and unique livestock at affordable prices. Richard and his team strive to provide   unbeatable knowledge in all areas of the field.


Zubair Ebrahim

Zubair is certainly one of the most helpful, friendly people you will ever meet. Fish keeping is his passion and he not only works at Aqua Empire but is also an importer and supplier of high end Betta fish, as well as cultivates his own plants. Zubair is an editor on the Aqua Empire Facebook Page, an Admin on the JHB Tanked Whatsapp and Facebook pages, Admin Bettaholics import and Breeders Page as well as Admin on Freshwater Shrimp South Africa.

Artwell Chindele.jpg

Artwell Chindele

Artwell is responsible for all aquarium maintenance at Aqua Empire and is currently under training to become an aquarium specialist. Artwell has been with Aqua Empire from day one.

Artwell is busy setting his first planted nano tank to expand his knowledge in the field.