The Sb 4000 automatically switches to battery power during a power cut and charges the battery when the mains are on.


Dual outlet, 2 x 3l


Two airstones and airtubing included.


Can be used with either USB power or through a plug but a chinese adapter plug is required.


• One-touch switch design with microcomputer control;

• Wide operating voltage, up to 120V-240V, and 50Hz/60Hz compatible;

• The use of authentic lithium batteries, and there is overvoltage, undervoltage charge and discharge protection, to ensure that the battery will not be damaged due to excessive charge and discharge;

• Large gas volume, 3 times that of ordinary miniature AC/DC aerobic pumps;

• Ultra-quiet design, working noise is about 65db.



Sobo SB4000 Auto Battery Backup Airpump