You cant help but love the pygmy puffer, intelligent, inquisitive and a very different behavior to other aquarium fish.


A schooling fish in nature but it is not recommended to keep many of them together in the aquarium and definitely not with other fish, although we have had some success with keeping them with shrimp. Best kept in a species only tank with large shrimp.


The aquarium design should have many roots of spider wood and long stem plants to break their line of site to curb aggression between them.


Feeding can be challenging, they accept live mosquito larvae and Daphnia as well as frozen Bloodworms. Live snails must be included in their diet as the shell of the snail keeps their beak short.  


Despite the challenges of keeping these little fish they are well worth the effort and are very rewarding.


Size 2cm

Tank Size 40L

Keeping Moderate

Diet Frozen Bloodworm, Snails, Live Mosquito Larvae or Daphnia

Plant Safe Yes

Behavior Aggressive

Ph 6.5 - 7.5

Temperature 25 - 28c

Pygmy Puffer