The Chihiros RGB VIVID II serves the complete color spectrum of aquatic plants with its optimized design of Red, Green, & Blue colored LEDs. It is suitable for very densely planted aquariums that need intense lighting over a large spread. The Vivid II's utilizes red, green, & blue LEDs on one single chip ensuring the most natural color spectrum possible. The Vivid II's different LEDs produce a high spread to avoid shading & suits densely planted tanks 60-90cm(24-35in)L.

The LED is programmed via the "My Chihiros App" with a built in app & does not need a external controller, differentiating the Vivid II LED from the Vivid I. The app offers individual control over the three color channels "R" (red), "G" (green) and "B" (blue), allowing for ramping of each channel, sunrise/sunset, & a built in timer.

The RGB VIVID II's housing also contains a built-in cooling fan that ensures the high power LEDs do not over heat and is housed in a anodized aluminum alloy shell to also aid in helping to actively cool the unit.

Power: 130 Watts

Voltage: AC 100-240V, 50-60HZ

Housing/Fixture Color: Silver & Black

160 Red, Green, & Blue LEDs

12200 Lumens

Fits aquariums 60-90cm(24-35in)L

Multiple lights can be used to cover a large spread

Built-In Bluetooth programmable vis 'My Chihiros App'

Anodized Aluminum Alloy Housing 18" Long

IP43 Waterproof rating

Built-in cooling fan