Boyu SES air pumps are designed for large aquariums, multiple tanks / rack sytems or ponds and are especially popular with shrimp breeders.


They are exceptionally quiet compared to compressor or piston type pumps.


Multiple tank adapter included in box.

Number of outlets vary per model.


Please ensure the airpump is kept higher than water level to prevent siphoning in the event of a power failure.


Size guide below. 


Tip - a regular small single outlet air pump pumps on average 2L/min.


SES 10 - 10w 10L/min

SES 20 - 15w 20L/min

SES 30 - 25w 30L/min

SES 40 - 30w 40L/min

SES 60 - 35w 60L/min

Boyu SES Jumbo Air pump