Black Alder Cones – Nano sized of 1-1.5cm. Approximately 25-30 pieces per pack.


Black Alder Cones, harvested in Europe, have similar properties to Indian Almond Leaves. These are popular natural products for shrimp tanks that are used worldwide do to their beneficial properties and are an attractive addition to any aquarium. Alder Cones provide additional surface area for biofilm to grow, assisting in the survival rates of shrimplets. These cones contain tannins and humic acids which provide anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

These cones have been dried and are insect free.


It is recommended to boil Alder Cones for a few minutes before adding these to your aquarium. This will allow them to sink much quicker. These cones will degrade over time.

Approximately 1 per 20 Liters for 3-4 weeks (over dosage may affect pH levels). Affects wear off after 1-2 months, but they can be left in the aquarium as a feature.

Black Alder Cones